About This Website & My Love of Dungeons

I've always enjoyed routing a lot more than actually playing dungeons, which is the biggest inspiration for creating this. I've spent countless hours routing and I'm always open to suggestions. If anyone is very knowledgeable in other aspects of the game, dm me on discord and I may expand this website to contain other areas!
If you'd like to get into contact me, find me ingame or contact me on discord. My IGN is FlameOfWar, and my discord is flameofwar42.

Also huge credits to DestructiveDonut for providing some of the videos this site used to use, and Lea for motivating me to update it!

Also join my discord server and try out the routes bot! It works very similarly to Dungeon's Secret Guide, where you can search for the room by size and secrets, then get pictures of each one to figure out what you're looking for if you don't know the room names.